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On our Fabian Cares page, you can get to know the Fabians! We tell you about the good deeds in our day-to-day life that bring us joy, and how you can help together with various charities. We share our tips for doing things in Helsinki as well!

MEET OUR STAFF: General Manager Kati

Who are you and what do you do on a daily basis?

I'm Kati Jousimies and I'm the General Manager of two wonderful hotels located close to each other in Helsinki. One is the cosy Hotel Fabian and the other is the Art Deco styled Hotel Lilla Roberts. My primary mission is to serve my team, so that they have the best possible conditions to succeed in their job – which is to serve our guests. My daily routine consists of staff management, various meetings of development, marketing, property and operational topics, as well as meetings with clients. My working days are delightfully varied!

What do you recommend to do in Helsinki?

Winter ice swimming! There are several places in Helsinki where you can try a "natural massage". The best places near Hotel Fabian are Allas Sea Pool and Löyly, where you can also take a sauna. Personally, I prefer to just take a dip in the water at Eira beach.

In summer, the city comes alive in a completely different way. The sea and the archipelago are worth seeing and experiencing every year, even for locals. I recommend a few hours of island cruising for everyone!

What kind of things make you feel good?

Helping and delighting others! One of the great ways to help is donating blood, and I have been doing it regularly for years. Booking an appointment with the Blood Service is easy and it doesn't take long to get started, once you've identified whether you're a suitable donor. I inherited the habit from my mother and, happily, my daughters also follow the same tradition of goodwill. I often go to donate blood with my daughter.

It feels very tangible when you know that you can help up to three lives in one donation. You can also set up a blood donation group within your workplace to earn points for donation visits. At Kämp Collection Hotels, we have our own blood group and a number of regular blood donors.

What is the best thing about working at Fabian?

From a hotel manager's point of view, the best thing is committed staff. Hotel Fabian has been serving our guests for 12 years and the team has taken excellent care of the facilities. For our staff, the Fabian feels like a second home and the team works together like a family.

The Fabian team is also open to all ideas. Over the years, we have implemented accommodation packages for those staying with cats and worked with Finnish breweries and an escape room.

On one Summer we joined forces with Hidasta elämää (The Slow Life) wellbeing community, where we provided a space and place to calm down and reflect on important issues. The team was excited to get started on this idea too!

Tell us about your most memorable joyful encounter with a hotel guest!

Oh, there are so many! Successful guest experiences are the thing in this business. But the most recent memorable encounter is actually from last week. I've been following the career of one of our regulars as a writer. She often came to the hotel to get some peace and quiet from the daily life of a family with children to write. We met recently over breakfast and she told me that some of her book ideas came from lounging in the hotel bathtub. Now her career is on the upswing and we sent her a bouquet of flowers for her success. We, in turn, got a fresh book to read. We are very happy for her!

What was your #GoodDeedOfTheDay today?

I'll have my elderly godmother to visit me and we'll enjoy a good lobster risotto. She's been looking forward our meeting all week!

Hotel General Manager Kati Jousimies


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