Go Green – Sustainability

We want to lead the way and show that impact on the climate can be reduced even within large hotel operations like our Strawberry hotel family. The areas below have been identified as having the greatest impact on the climate within the hotel industry. We have therefore chosen to work with these areas in particular.

  • Energy consumption
  • Chemical usage
  • Water consumption
  • Refuse and food waste
  • Textile laundry
  • Carbon emissions

It's easy to talk about targets, but to make a real difference you need a clear plan and concrete actions. Change for the better takes time and resources. Small but determined steps are the way forward.

What we do at Hotel Fabian

Go Green in our rooms:

  • Water saving according to Green Key standards
  • Bathroom products in recyclable/refillable pump bottles
  • We only change sheets and towels on request
  • Swan-labelled cleaning products

Go Green at breakfast:

  • Daily measurement and reduction of waste
  • Preferring organic food
  • A nutritious and healthy breakfast

Go Green in the hotel:

  • Strawberry's carbon neutrality target
  • Measuring energy consumption
  • Using only biodegradable chemicals for cleaning
  • Waste sorting and recycling
  • Energy saving: only green electricity is used, lighting has been replaced by LED bulbs
  • Water-saving shower heads in taps and showers to reduce water consumption
  • Our entire hotel is powered by renewable energy: Nordic Green Energy

What more could we do?

Being responsible is a continuous process of development! Do you have any tips on what we could do more and better for the well-being of our environment? We would love to hear your thoughts: info@hotelfabian.fi.


Hotel Fabian has been awarded an environmental certificate by the international travel industry's environmental programme Green Key Finland. The certification is decided by a Green Key jury of experts in corporate responsibility, sustainable tourism and environmental protection.

The Green Key hotel is committed to raising environmental awareness among staff and guests, improving energy and water efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of its accommodation operations. Green Key certified companies will receive the internationally recognised Green Key label and the programme's support for their environmental work and communication.

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