We have put together a buffet breakfast with special care for the taste and freshness. All the products are prepared and served with love.

At Hotel Fabian, you can enjoy a leisurely and relaxed breakfast. We prefer organic products, and serve, among other things, organic porridge, organic eggs, as well as the craft baked goods from the legendary Kanniston Leipomo bakery, made without additives and a big heart. Quality Italian coffee is served steaming hot, and tea drinkers can enjoy a high-quality selection of our house organic teas. Take a moment to yourself and start your day enjoyably!

Our breakfast is served:
Mon - Fri | 7.00 am. - 10.00 am.
Sat - Sun | 8.00 am. - 11.30 am.

When hotel is full we ask our guests to choose one of the breakfast set times. A limited number of guests are admitted to the table settings.

For non-hotel visitors we offer breakfast for 22€ / PERSON (Kids under 6 years for free, 7-11 years old -50%)

Our breakfast (Mon - Fri)

  • Organic rye bread and a selection of fresh bread loafs and rolls
  • Berries, fruits, yogurt naturel
  • Overnight oats or chia pudding (vegan)
  • Muesli and flakes options
  • Gluten-free porridge
  • Boiled organic eggs
  • Oven omelette
  • Ham, turkey or salami
  • Cheese: Samsoe & Port Salut
  • Vegetables
  • Spreads: Butter, Becel, Hummus


  • Smoothie
  • Juices: Orange, apple or Spiced juice
  • Hot drinks: coffee or tea

Our breakfast on weekends (Sat - Sun)

  • Organic rye bread and a selection of fresh bread loafs and rolls
  • Cheese: Samsoe (L), Cremabel Port Salut (L)
  • Cold cuts (ham, turkey, beefpastrami, chorizo)
  • Spreads (butter, margarine, organic hummus and Nutella)
  • Vegetables (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pickled cucumber, sliced bell pepper and lettuce)
  • Organic Eggs
  • Oven omelette
  • Smoked salmon, sour cream and dill
  • Gluten-free oat porridge
  • Vegan chia pudding or vegan overnight oats
  • Natural Yogurt
  • Finnish Berries
  • Fruits
  • Granola, Muesli (Glutenfree option also available), Cornflakes (G)
  • Seedmix, assorted nuts with dried fruit


  • Smoothie (berry or mango) or a Ginger shot
  • Apple and orange juice
  • Coffee, tea and hot chocolate


  • Muffins & cookies (glutenfree options also available)
  • Pie (blueberry, apple or seasonal)