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On our Fabian Cares page, you can get to know the Fabians! We tell you about the good deeds in our day-to-day life that bring us joy, and how you can help together with various charities. We share our tips for doing things in Helsinki as well!

MEET OUR STAFF: Sales Manager Patricia

Who are you and what do you do on a daily basis?

I am Patricia Herlin and I am the Sales Manager of our Strawberry hotel family. One of these lovely hotels is the cosy Hotel Fabian!

What makes my job particularly interesting right now is that Strawberry is growing fast in Finland. Our guests are able to become a member of Strawberry, earn points and enjoy a wide range of benefits! In my day-to-day work, I manage both local and international corporate sales as part of our fantastic Strawberry Finland sales team.

What kind of things make you feel good?

In my everyday life, what makes me happiest are happy and friendly people, and that's why I always try to do that myself! A gesture can be very small and can make someones day just by saying good morning or thank you. "Treat others as you would like to be treated" is my motto!

This is also strongly linked to something that is important to me, which is equality and respect between all. That's why I am very proud of the company I represent and that once again Strawberry is an official partner of Pride. Our doors are open to everyone, no matter who you love or who you identify as, as our owner Petter Stordalen says.

What is the best thing about working at Fabian?

The best thing about my job in general is the clients and colleagues. I am very outgoing, chatty and social and I love meeting new people! Fabian has a very international and diverse clientele.

The hotel itself is a wonderful location to sell: every time I talk to clients and tell them about Fabian, it's like inviting them into my own home. That's what Hotel Fabian is for many of our business guests: a second home in the heart of Helsinki. In terms of sales, the Fabian stands out with its LUX rooms in the courtyard, which I always showcase. With a private entrance to the courtyard and a kitchenette, they are perfect for longer stays in Helsinki.

What do you recommend to do in Helsinki?

Go on an adventure and go on foot! That way you can get the most out of Helsinki's stunning architecture. I love history and old Art Nouveau buildings. Our hotel family's castle, GLO Hotel Art, is full of stories. Even if you live in Helsinki itself, stop once in a while and look around – we have a wonderful capital!

During the Summer time I recommend enjoying our rich programme of events: visit Suomenlinna's Summer Theatre, the Flow Festival in Suvilahti for the last time and of course take part in the Pride Parade. We'll be there too! And of course, I recommend to book a room at Hotel Fabian.

Tell us about your most memorable joyful encounter with a hotel guest!

Last year in August we celebrated Hotel Fabian's birthday and I chatted with an older gentleman there. He was from Sweden and travels a lot to Finland for work and always stays at the Fabian.

He had two friends from Stockholm with him, as they have their own "Mannerheim Club" and they are very interested in all things Mannerheim-related. Among other things, they had been to Restaurant Savoy to eat Vorschmack and drink Marski's drink in honour of Mannerheim and even sat at Mannerheim's 'own' table.

We talked for a long time and it turned out that we are all love seafood. I was then invited to join them for seafood the next time I'm in Stockholm! I will definitely be in touch the next time I go to Sweden - it was so nice to talk to these gentlemen and they had many fascinating life stories to tell!

What was your #GoodDeedOfTheDay today?

As I said before, small gestures matter! Today I held the door open for a mother who was having a bit of a challenge with three small children. A small thing for me, but the mother was very grateful! And hey, another good deed would be to offer a new business client an accommodation solution in one of the best hotels in Helsinki, so let's get in touch on LinkedIn!

Patricia Herlin
Sales Manager


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