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MEET OUR STAFF: Night Shift Manager Kristian

Who are you and what do you do on a daily basis?

I am Kristian Kotonen and I've been working at the reception desk of Hotel Fabian as a Night Shift Manager since 2021.

The most important part of my job is figuratively watching over the sleep of our guests. I am responsible for hotel security and making sure that the hotel is peaceful so that our guests can rest undisturbed. A restful night's sleep is the basis for getting out of bed on the right foot the next day. Of course, a cheerful morning is crowned by the hotel breakfast, which at Fabian is fresh and nutritious. With these elements the day gets off to a good start, the only question is how good it will be!

It's my job to make sure that the previous day is finished with a flourish. This is where a lot of administrative tasks come into my job. I then prepare and make sure that the new day is ready to start with a clean slate. I make sure that my colleagues have a good basis to deliver a smooth service to customers again the next day!

What kind of things make you feel good?

I always feel good when I can help our guests in a tricky situation. An example of this is our reliable laundry service, which has been a lifesaver for many of our guests! Whether it's a party and a stain on your dress, a longer stay or travelling with young children, you can get your laundry clean quickly and easily, even on the same day. Of course, without forgetting the environmental responsibility to which we are committed.

Caring for the environment is a job close to my heart. I'm a keen sauna-goer and my sauna experiences usually include a dip in the water. This is also possible in Helsinki where you are near to the sea all the time. For a perfect experience, our waters need to be clean. That's why I think the John Nurminen Foundation is doing valuable work in the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland to stop eutrophication and loss of nature. They also have a role to play in preserving and revitalising the cultural heritage of the sea. I want future generations to enjoy the clear waters and biodiversity.

What is the best thing about working at Fabian?

In a boutique hotel, there is less customer service at night, leaving time for other activities. I have been able to make use of this time by expanding my own job description and responsibilities. Years in Fabian have brought a huge amount of new work that you wouldn't necessarily be able to do in a bigger hotel.

In addition to the work I do in reception, I support our Duty Manager Jan and our Front Office Manager Mats, with my share of responsibility for customer feedback, orders, inductions, reception development and shift planning. A big thank you goes to Mats, who has made this possible by sharing the responsibility. Having confidence in your team members and what they do is a big part of enjoying your job.

What do you recommend to do in Helsinki?

We have the best experiential saunas in the world! And Helsinki has something for every taste. From traditional wood-heated block saunas to pampering treatments. For the more adventurous, there's the Kotiharjun Sauna experience, the Finnish version of a mixed sauna without any clothes on, or the Sky Wheel sauna at 40 metres in a Ferris wheel. There's also the Allas Sea Pool sauna, which floats on the surface of the sea, or Löyly, which made Time Magazine's "World's 100 Greatest Places" list. St. George Care Spa and Kämp Spa, meanwhile, offer everyday luxury in the form of spa treatments in addition to a sauna area.

Walking, cycling, Hop on Hop off buses or boats are great ways to explore the city. If you want to go the extra mile and see the whole city in one sitting, I recommend private helicopter flights organised by Helsinki CityCopter! They organise both city and archipelago tours.

Tell us about your most memorable joyful encounter with a hotel guest!

Like many of us at Fabian, I am also very fond of animals and that is why I will always remember this one encounter! Our guest went to walk his lovely dog and it looked just like our dog Happy. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a very people loving breed and knows how to show it, so our guest was a little hesitant when I asked to greet the dog as I was wearing a suit. He seemed to relax when I told him that we had a similar family member at home. I offered Elmo a dog treat from my coat pocket and told the owner about the unique dog park on Rajasaari in Helsinki, or more specifically, the big island for dogs. Our pet package also includes a map of dog parks near the hotel. It really made my day meeting Elmo and they made a new friend!

What was your #GoodDeedOfTheDay today?

During the night shift, there is usually time to help both guests and colleagues. My good deed of the day was to open an email and help my colleagues in our fantastic sales service to go through emails. I always want to do my best to make sure that we are available to our partners and guests without a long response time!

Kristian Kotonen
Night Shift Manager


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